Howdy 👋 I'm Charlie

Nice to (virtually) meet you.

I am a 🤝 Leader, 💡 Founder, 📐 Software Architect, recovering 🐙 Open Source Developer, and 🗽 Native New Yorker.

I am an early Node.js contributor, creator of more than one popular 🪵 npm package, and long-time 🙌 community organizer. Through my work I've had to honor to collaborate with a wildly talented & diverse set of people distributed all over our 🌎 pale blue dot.

I am a hobbyist at heart with a passion for 🎨 creating, 🎤 speaking, and 📚 collecting. From time to time, I enjoy ✍🏻 writing about topics that interest me.

I am currently a partner at ✨ Techquity, advisor, coach, maintainer, angel investor, and girl dad.

If you're interested in working together, don't be shy, 📬 drop me a line.

🖖 Excelsior

Ever upward